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Reach a Child, Reach the World

There is much we need to do to help our children Reach Up to God on a daily basis so as to develop a close relationship with Him; Reach In to the young and older members of the church to involve them actively in the life of the church as they use their gifts to serve the church and the community; and finally to Reach Out to share the gospel with hundreds and thousands of children living in the 10/40 Window.

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Reaching the World Strategic Plan 2015-2020

God’s strategic plan to “reach the world” was unveiled after the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve. Lovingly, Christ Himself explained to them the plan of salvation and some of its key performance indicators (KPIs), including His coming to earth as a man, dying as a sacrifice for humanity, and rising again. This divine strategic plan was formulated before the creation of the world, and after the fall it was explained and implemented.

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Leadership Certification

Coordinating children’s ministries in the local church requires more than passion and a love for children.

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Resources for Children

Publications and media to help children in their spiritual growth

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Resources for Leaders and Teachers

Publications, media, and ideas for those leading out in ministry to children.

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