Children's Ministries Easter Program - 8 Day Big Camp at Home

Primary Sabbath School with Richard Aguilera. 

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Tips and Support for children and teens

"Letters from God" online activities for children.

As most of our closed churches moved to online services for adults, children might feel disconnected from the wider community of faith. While for most adults reading a book or watching an online sermon might "keep us going", kids like to explore the world in a more sensual way. Ranelagh church in Dublin started a great initiative - each week the CM department posts letters to the 73 kids from that church. Kids receive a "Letter from God" addressed to them, read the encouraging words and make the Art&Crafts enclosed. You can download the materials for every week on this website

Swedish Union Hope Channel activities for children

Please see both the pdf’s with craft. What they do is send the Bible texts to parents. Ask them to read the story (in this case Noah) and then to do the craft with the kids. Pacific Press Weekly Children's publications temporarily available for free online. Check out this link to download the crafts,

Pacific Press Kids Magazines free online

With many church buildings closed because of COVID-19, children aren’t able to pick up copies of their favorite Sabbath magazines. Pacific Press Publishing Association has decided to make its weekly children’s publications—Our Little Friend, Primary Treasure, and Guide—available in PDF format on each magazine’s own website for free. The weekly magazines will continue to appear for as long as the coronavirus threat keeps church buildings closed. has the PDFs of Primary Treasure, the weekly periodical for readers ages 6–9, and of Our Little Friend, the Adventist magazine for children birth to 5 years old. Primarily for readers ages 10–14, is offering the PDF of the weekly Guide magazine, plus printable games, and vlogs by the editors and columnists such as Rich Aguilera, the “Mud Guy.”

South Pacific Division Children's Ministries, Arnie's Shack - Calm in the Storm Video.

Gracelink videos in Cantonese

Children United in Prayer

Easter Games and Activities

Easter Eggs.pdf Easter Game.pdf Easter Marathon.pdf

Noah's Ark Activities in German KA2 sida 1.pdf KA2 sida 2.pdf    

African Kids 4 Christ - By My Side   

Kids Say! Let's Hear What They Think About the Sabbath.

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