Certification Level 1

Understanding GraceLink

A walk through the GraceLink curriculum, learning about how the four dynamics of grace, worship, community, and service are incorporated into the Bible lessons, and understanding the new approach to teaching it.

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Active Learning

Discover the interesting and best method of teaching children of any age by involving them in activities rather than through a lecture.

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Faith Development of Children

Find out how children develop their faith and learn to lead them through the stages of faith development to a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Positive Class Discipline

Learn some ideas of managing a class with grace and firmness as you facilitate active learning in your lessons.

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Raising Kids to Adore God

Every believing parent should endeavor to pass the Christian faith to each of his or her children. The result will be the children’s eternal salvation, as well as a life of knowing and serving the Lord.

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Protecting Children from Abuse (Screening Volunteers)

The local church should take reasonable steps to safeguard children engaged in church-sponsored activities by choosing individuals with high spiritual and moral backgrounds as leaders and participants in programs for children.

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Safety and Emergency Procedures for Children

If you work with children, you think SAFETY! Safety and Protection is the responsibility of every person in children’s ministry.

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Understanding Child Development: Birth through Teens

In order to work effectively with children, it is important that we understand how children grow and develop. It is helpful to note the characteristics of their growth at different age level.

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Understanding How Children Learn

Children differ in the way they learn. Understanding how children learn can help religious education teachers engage children in learning for spiritual growth.

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