Certification Level 3

Growing Christian Values in Children

Growing Christian Values in Children (Handouts)

Children need more than good food, a nice physical environment and psychological understanding; they need to learn ethical principles—a firm notion of what they ought to do, and what they ought not to do, and why?

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Raising Spiritual Giants

Raising Spiritual Giants (Handouts)

We all like to ensure children are healthy and strong. We also spend a lot of money on ensuring children are educated with well developed intellects. To raise children who are spiritual giants must also become our priority.

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Partnering with Parents

Partnering with Parents (Handouts)

Parents are primary spiritual mentors of children and it is essential to extend ministry into the home and partner with them.

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Fostering Kids Time Alone with God

Fostering Kid's Time Alone with God (Handouts)

Are you as intentional about your children’s spiritual growth and development as much as their physical, academic and social development?

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Ministry to Children with Special Needs

Ministry to Children with Special Needs (Handouts)

Children with special needs are valuable to God. Peel away the negative labels associated with disabilities

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How To Include Kids with Special Needs

How to Include Kids with Special Needs (Handouts)

It is a wonderful way to show that every child can receive God’s promises and serve in God’s kingdom.

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Teens and Religion

Teens and Religion (Handouts)

Teens largely define the values and leisure endeavors of the nation. The economy is substantially shaped by their choices as consumers and their work habits in the work force.

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