Certification Level 4

Healthy Inside Out! Celebrations!

In today’s modern world, more and more children are becoming overweight, lack energy, and spending more and more time in front of the television and the computer. We are raising a generation of “couch potatoes!”

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Involving Children in Ministry & Service

The philosophy behind Children’s Ministry is that children have the ability and the heart to serve God at a young age, and we should aim to provide them with opportunities to do that.

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Being God's Faithful Steward

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were given the responsibility of taking care of God’s world. They were to manage, to plan, and to control their environment.

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Bullying Tips for Parents

Bullying is defined as constantly saying or doing nasty or unpleasant things or teasing in a way someone doesn’t like.

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Helping Parents of Teens Cope with Bullies

Teens can be either bullies or bullied in various ways. Regardless, their role always begins in their hearts.

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Preventing Child Abuse

Children suffer – The physical and emotional harm can last a lifetime. Society, suffers too – The cost in ruined lives & broken families can’t be measured. But there’s a lot you can do – Help prevent child abuse and limit the damage suffered by children & families.

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Protecting Our Children

This presentation is designed to introduce Seventh-day Adventist Church Board members concerning the challenge of being PREPARED in the prevention of child abuse within our families, congregations, during church sponsored activities and the rising trend of children and youth abusing one another.

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Entering the World of Kids

It’s essential that you make the effort to learn and understand the world of kids.

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