A Step-by-Step Guide for Children's Leaders Around the World

Children's Ministries Handbook

A Step-by-Step Guide for Children's Leaders Around the World

This Handbook serves as a training manual to equip Children's Ministries directors and leaders on the division, union, conference, and mission levels of the church in their ministry to children. It contains ideas, suggestions, and resources for developing and nurturing the faith of children and discipling them to become spiritual champions.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - The Philosophy and Mission of Children's Ministries

Chapter 2 - Jesus' Ministry to Children

Chapter 3 - Ellen White's Counsels on Ministry to Children

Chapter 4 - A Brief History of Children's Ministries

Chapter 5 - Job Descriptions of Children's Ministries Directors

Chapter 6 - Leadership Skills

Chapter 7 - Children's Ministries Leadership Certification

Chapter 8 - Programs and Activities for Children

Chapter 9 - Baptismal Guidelines and Recommendations for Children

Chapter 10 - General Conference Statements on Children

Chapter 11 - Recommended Resources

Chapter 12 - The Gracelink Curriculum

Chapter 13 - Children's Ministries Logo

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