Pastors & Elders Handbook for Children's Ministries

This booklet is a guide for pastors, elders, volunteer children's leaders, parents and others in the local church who wish to understand and learn how to organize a new children's ministry or strengthen an existing one.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Philosophy of Children's Ministries

Chapter 2: Mission of Children's Ministries

Chapter 3: Jesus' Ministry To Children

Chapter 4: Ellen G. White's Counsels on Ministry to Children

Chapter 5: A Brief History of Children's Ministries

Chapter 6: Job Description of the Children's Ministries Coordinator

Chapter 7: Organizing The Children's Ministries Committee

Chapter 8: Eight Characteristics of a Healthy Children's Ministries in the Local Church

Chapter 9: Baptismal Guidelines and Recommendations for Children

Chapter 10: General Conference Statements on Children

Chapter 11: Children's Ministries Programs for the Local Church

Chapter 12: Recommended Resources


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